Achieve Ideal Health Balance Naturally Why Us We believe in working with the individual
to create long lasting sustainable health.
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Helping People Achieve Ideal Health Balance Naturally


Evaluation of physical and emotional symptoms

Dietary Assessment

Filling out diet diary increases time available for evaluation, investigation and treatment plan.


Blood pressure, capillary return and in some cases Iridology and nail analysis, pathology testing is often used and referred to.

Treatment Plan

Each patient needs an individualised treatment plan made for them.
Patients can expect a follow up email reviewing the consultation, clarifying any details.

Balance Naturopathy

Balance Naturopathy’s goals are to have you achieve optimal health with-out mass supplementation or prescribing tons of herbal medication, the whole point to naturopathy is to achieve ideal health through diet and lifestyle choices. Some clients may need supplementation or herbal prescription initially but our end goal is always towards an optimally functioning healthy you!

Opening Hours

By appointment only.
Weekends and after hours available.

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What to look for in a good naturopath?

Naturopathy is not a regulated field even if you don’t choose Balance Naturopathy you can use these simple rules to choose a good naturopath


Ask to see a naturopaths qualification if it is not plainly on display

Association Membership

An association membership means that the naturopath in question has passed that associations standards which are heavily regulated in good associations like ANTA,NHAA, ANPA, ATMS, AANM

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Kerry Dean


Naturopath | Massage Therapist Fully Insured Member of ANTA (Australian Natural Therapist Association)