About Us

Hi my name is Kerry Dean and I am a naturopath and a massage therapist. I studied at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine where I completed my Bachelor of Health Science Degree to become a naturopath and massage therapist.

I came into this profession simply because I have always wanted to help people and I found this was one of the best ways that resonated with me. The reason I love naturopathy and massage so much is it works with you and your body - it doesn’t just take away the symptoms, it focuses on the root of the issue, 'the cause' and treats the cause which reduces or eradicates the health concern. We don’t just want the absence of symptoms we want you to be well without needing to take anything, just eating a good diet and having a healthy lifestyle. Some clients need supplementation but not all I work through diet before anything else because it’s the foundation to everyone’s health.

I became disillusioned with the normal medical system having less than 10 minutes to speak to a doctor after sitting for hours in a waiting room, only to be told "it’s just your body, there is nothing we can do to help you" or otherwise "here take this pill" with no explanation of why. I started to look for alternative methods of treatment as do many people, and that’s where I came across a naturopath who was able to help me make sense of what was going on in my body and from then on I was amazed and decided this is what I want to do!

At Balance Naturopathy we work holistically with other health practitioners, doctors, psychologists etc... to ensure each individual has the most effective treatment for their needs.

Naturopathy is the ancient art of using traditional methods of iridology, nutritional medicine & herbal medicine and blending it with modern medical practices like blood and urine tests and medical examinations such as blood pressure to investigate what is happening to you. Naturopaths focus on the cause of the problem as opposed to just treating symptoms our aim is not to have you on an expensive regime of supplements and herbs our aim is to have you healthy and happy naturally without anything but a great diet.

Naturopathic treatment varies between individuals because everyone is different and experiences their condition uniquely. Some people respond to basic nutritional guidelines others need a complete dietary overhaul, others are extremely sensitive and need just the smallest dosage of herbal medicine while some are robust and need a larger dose which is the beauty of naturopathy it caters to all people on their level and it is tailored to suit you the individual.