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Stress is subjective many of us don’t feel stressed while running from task to task. A busy lifestyle raises a stress response from us regardless if we are coping just fine or not, it’s physiological our body releases adrenaline whether it is from a good stimuli (running/cardio) or from a stressful situation. Stress releases cortisol which is a by-product of adrenaline.

The problem with this is chronic stress causes chronic cortisol release. If you are chronically stimulated (on the go) for most of the day so is your adrenaline and so is your cortisol.

The problem is this stress alters the effectiveness of cortisol receptors to recognise cortisol release much like insulin receptors don’t recognise insulin in diabetes type 2.

Rememeber pain comes from inflammation conditions like fibromyalgia

Cortisol regulates inflammation by turning off inflammation if it is excess. However when we are chronically stressed our cortisol receptors stop recognising cortisol.

If we aren’t recognising our cortisol, cortisol isn’t regulating the inflammatory response, this is because the tissues have decreased sensitivity to the hormone. Specifically, immune cells become insensitive to cortisol’s regulatory effect.

In turn, runaway inflammation occurs so stress management is essential. To reduce pain you have to reduce inflammation – to reduce inflammation you have to reduce cortisol- to reduce cortisol you have to reduce stress.


Reducing stress is easier said than done but there are some methods that work for all of us.

We can achieve that with down time. This means allowing yourself to rest when you need to, and not feeling guilty about it. Other things to keep in mind are;

An adequate nutrient profile is really important to reducing stress without these nutrients stress occurs more easily and many people are more reactive meaning their adrenaline rises more easily.

Supplementation- some nutrients are stronger and more available in supplement form some of these supplements would include

Nervous system herbs that increase stress resistance can be useful, whether it be a simple herbal tea to unwind or a herbal stress capsule to cope with anxiety herbs work with our bodies and are greatly beneficial, make sure you see a naturopath or herbalist to ensure no interactions occur with your medication. They will also assess the best herbs for you.

Keep in mind that with herbs you need to get the right ones for you! Some herbs reduce anxiety which is not good if your depressed because they bring you down. Other herbs are great for depression but not good if you are experiencing anxiety because they bring your mood up and if your already up (anxious) this can worsen anxiety.

Mediation is a really useful tool to get a busy mind under control. Check out headspace its for great explanations on how meditation can help.

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Written by Kerry Dean, BHS(nat) ANTA.