How Does Poor Liver Function Cause Food Intolerances?

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November 7, 2018
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March 7, 2019
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How Does Poor Liver Function Cause Food Intolerances?

Poor liver function and food intolerances?

As I have mentioned previously the liver has many functions but how does it increase food intolerance reactions?

Firstly to the liver everything is a chemical, this includes drugs, alcohol and food. As food is broken down it ends up as multiple chemicals for the liver to sort through and use or discard as the body needs.

The livers processes are broken down into two stages.

Stage 1: this is where the liver processes all of the bodies chemicals and sends the some of it’s biproducts to the kidneys for further detoxification the rest get moved to stage 2 for further detoxification.

Stage 2: there are multiple phases in stage two but there are basically 7 phases these process hormones, perfumes, petrochemicals, some medications, the bodies own chemicals like histamine and much more.

While doing this the liver creates a lot of oxidants. Oxidative stress causes inflammation, and inflammation can cause food intolerance however there are other pathways which are impacted read more here

Liver and food intolerances

When the liver is under functioning it has a reduced ability to break down these chemicals in its normal detoxification.

The components in food are broken down by phase I of the liver detoxification and then are either sent to the kidney for urinary elimination or sent to phase II liver elimination this is where all the chemicals in food, drugs, alcohol etc.. become metabolites.

The metabolites in a healthy functioning are either metabolised or excreted.

In an under functioning liver the metabolites are paused between phase I and phase II this causes the metabolites to re-enter the blood stream.

The metabolites in the blood stream cause an immune reaction because they have not been completed to inactive metabolites they are still active which alerts the immune system.

This causes food sensitivity or food intolerance reactions because our immune system is triggered.

Therefore increasing liver function will reduce food intolerance.

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