Immune support tips during virus outbreaks.

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February 12, 2020
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Immune support tips during virus outbreaks.

Health tips

Rest: Allow yourself time to rest. Most of us are busy trying to prevent illness one of the main things to remember is to rest. Resting saves energy for the immune system to do its job.

Eat a whole food diet– meaning lots of fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.

Alkalising your diet will help to reduce illness. see more here for how.

Support your gut by supporting your good gut bacteria you will make sure of your immune lines of defence is in operation. Probiotics or gut bacteria actually help our immune system by attacking any unwanted viruses. High fibre foods like

Probiotics can be found from a pharmacy or health food store. If you need help choosing the right one consider checking with your local naturopath or nutritionist.

Hydration supports your immune function, by ensuring your body has enough liquid to flush out unwanted toxins and nasties. Great hydrating options are

coconut water,

herbal teas (not caffeinated),

soups and broths.

Avoid sugars, alcohol overly processed , refined or sugary foods including alcoholic beverages. These all convert to sugars which bacteria and viruses use for fuel. Sugar also dampens immune function, which will reduce the ability of the immune system to fight viruses.

Exercise supports immune function because it will reduce inflammation. Exercise releases endorphins which boost mood and immune function.

Sleep; Our body has a huge clean out when we sleep. The liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and of course immune system. Without adequate sleep our immune system has drastically reduced function which increases the chances of catching virus or bacteria.

Smoking depletes our antioxidant supply which we need to support the immune system.

Stress activates cortisol (a biproduct of adrenaline), long term cortisol release reduces our body’s natural anti-inflammatory protection.

Naturopathic Medicine- How can it help now.

Naturopathic medicine focuses on enhancing our natural resistance. By providing immune stimulataing and supporting herbs which have antiviral activity.

Research supports nutrients and herbs for immune function.Herbs include Echinacea, Andrographis, Ginger, Peppermint, Elderberry, Olive leaf and Calendula.

Nutritional supplements can be taken to help ensure optimal immune system function. These include zinc, selenium, vitaminC, probiotics, and seaweed extract.

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