Reflux Medications and the problems that they can cause.

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Reflux Medications and the problems that they can cause.

Reflux medications are really common and they range from over the counter antacids to prescription PPI (protein pump inhibitors) like Nexium.

While these medications are sometimes helpful to reduce the symptoms of reflux they can cause a whole lot of other issues that may not be as obvious. Please note while these medications are not good for you it is a really bad idea to stop taking them it is better to slowly step down to reduce rebound effects.

For example a documented side effect is that Nexium use can actually cause hyper secretion of stomach acid. Which means you produce more acid after you have stopped taking the drug than you had before this is called a rebound effect.

These drugs and others have been linked to low bone density and are contributing to the growing rate of osteoporosis.

This is not the only side effect PPI’s cause. there are many documented cases of depression as a side effect from using these medications.

There are a Lot of other side effects like anaemia, slowed metabolism and so much more.

Why do these drugs cause these problems?

Well the simple answer is these drugs while you take them reduce your stomach acid. We actually need our stomach acid to absorb many nutrients some of main nutrients are minerals

Calcium needs an acidic environment and without enough calcium we are at risk of osteoporosis.

Iron needs a high acid environment to be absorbed. Without enough iron the body goes into anaemia. Iron is also needed for a positive mood and a healthy metabolism. read more on PPI’s and anaemia.

Zinc will become deficient if we constantly have low stomach acid also called HCL. Zinc is needed for more than 200 processes in the body the main ones however are immune function, skin repair, mood regulation and so much more.

Vitamin B12 this vitamin needs high HCL, deficiency can cause pernicious anaemia. B12 is also responsible for DNA synthesis which is an imporatnt job we don’t want to go wrong. B12 is also needed for a happy mood.

So those are a few very good reasons to think twice before taking reflux medicaitons.

In saying that there are so many natural treatments for reflux. So many simple treatments like first assessing if you have low or high HCL and treating accordingly.

If you suffer from reflux and need some help figuring things out email or call 0412241198.

I hope you have a happy healthy day.