THE LIVER! Why it is important for just about everything!

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February 12, 2018
April 23, 2018
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THE LIVER! Why it is important for just about everything!

The Liver is one of our most important organs.

It is often indicated when we have symptoms that are random for example PMS and a sudden onset of hay fever who would of thought that the liver could be involved? Or adult acne especially in certain area’s the liver is again often under strain and that is why the problems are happening.

The liver: The liver is an amazing organ it is responsible for the filtration of blood, detoxification and metabolism of chemicals, hormones and drugs. It helps to digest food and absorb nutrients. When we are not absorbing our nutrients efficiently we can become deficient in minerals and vitamins many of which are needed to regulate mood, modulate inflammation among a host of other things.

Hay fever and the liver: When we come in to contact with allergy causing substances for example pollen the pollen is breathed in and this signals an immune response our immune system mounts an attack of the substance by way of releasing histamine in the blood.
It’s the livers job to clear excess histamine from the blood. When the liver has reduced function there is excess histamine which causes itching sneezing and general hay fever symptoms which is why increasing the livers function reduces hay fever.

PMS and the liver: the liver recycles and metabolises hormones if the liver is under functioning hormones can build up, estrogen which normally makes our mood motivated and happy in excess can make us irritated and aggressive.
Not to mention there are many xenoestrogens which are synthetic estrogens in our plastics, food and make up which can build up and burden the liver even more making it hard for it to do it’s job.

Liver and mood: As we mentioned previously the liver is responsible for our absorption of nutrients with out proper absorption we don’t get the nutrients which are our cofactors (things needed to make hormones) for happy hormone synthesis read more about nutrients in our article on sadness…ere-is-no-reason

Liver and skin: our liver helps us get rid of all the nasty toxins from our environment and from our diet, it is called a portal of elimination when the liver is overloaded or under-functioning the skin acts as a secondary portal of elimination, which is when adult acne occurs.

These are just a few examples of how an under functioning liver can impact on our health.


If you feel like your liver is under functioning and you need some natural help maybe a naturopath will benefit you.

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