Vitamin D the essential gut regulator, immune booster, antidepressant and much more.
December 1, 2020
Iron Deficiency
December 2, 2021
Naturopaths use a blend of modern day science and traditional medicine. We use modern medicine such as biochemistry, DNA testing and investigation to understand what underlying mechanisms are doing in your body.

We use many tools such as consultation to find out how your condition impacts you individually, iridology which shows us some past conditions, investigations and then we collate all the information to create a holistic picture of your body to treat the cause of the condition or upset.

Naturopath’s do the research for you and your health condition to create a treatment plan that is bespoke to your needs and cuts through the confusion of the mass of information that is out there to help you in your health journey because for naturopaths no one person is ever identical to another and naturopathy treats everyone for their individual needs. Definitely not a one size fits all.

Naturopathy treats the cause of the underlying issue for example…. If you are not sleeping well because you are stressed; Instead of prescribing you a sedative, we will help you to manage the stress which is causing the problem and thereby treat the cause of the condition.
Naturopaths empower their clients by teaching them about their health/condition and how they can help themselves to be healthy.

We assess your nutritional status with biochemical understanding of the body searching for underlying conditions that may be impacting on your health. If there are any nutritional deficiencies correcting these is a priority. The reason for this is the consequences of nutritional deficiency can be long reaching and cause multiple health conditions.  

Naturopaths use traditional medicines like liquid herbs, herbal teas in treatment we also have access to some of the most potent supplements which are available only to TGA approved health practitioners.


How can Herbal Medicines Help Me?

Herbal medicines are potent and effective if you get the right blend for you. There are so many resources, clinical trials, studies and ancient herbal knowledge that show how beneficial herbal medicines are. However there are interactions that may occur with some medications so where a naturopath can help is to find the right herbal medicine for you. 

Herbal medicines have sustainable health benefits that generally come without side effects. Herbal medicines work with your body to achieve an improved  function. For example if the liver is under functioning and not clearing excess hormones and as a result the patient is experiencing PMS effects from this, we would improve liver function and have the flow on effect of reducing PMS symptoms. Obviously not all cases are that simply solved but this gives you an idea of how most naturopaths would work.  


I hope this article has helped you understand more about naturopathy.

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Our packages are estimated to suit your individual needs there can be need for more treatment time or less depending on the patients health condition. 




This package is for those who need some help finding their ideal health balance.

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