Vitamin D the essential gut regulator, immune booster, antidepressant and much more.
December 1, 2020
Naturopaths use a blend of modern day science and traditional medicine. We use modern medicine such as biochemistry, DNA testing and investigation to understand what underlying mechanisms are doing in your body.

We use many tools such as consultation to find out how your condition impacts you individually, iridology which shows us some past conditions, investigations and then we collate all the information to create a holistic picture of your body to treat the cause of the condition or upset.

Naturopaths use traditional medicines like liquid herbs, herbal teas in treatment we also have access to some of the most potent supplements.
We assess your nutritional status with biochemical understanding of the body searching for underlying conditions that may be impacting on current condition.

Naturopathy treats the cause of the underlying issue for example…. If you are not sleeping right because you are stressed instead of giving you a sleeping pill we help to manage the stress which is causing the problem and thereby treat the cause of the condition.
Naturopaths empower their clients by teaching them about their health/condition and how they can help themselves to be healthy.
No one person is ever the same and naturopathy treats everyone for their individual needs.

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