September 26, 2018
Oxidative Stress Inflammation and Antioxidants
November 7, 2018

Why to cleanse or detox in the spring?

For those of us in Australia spring is the perfect time to cleanse. This is because we’ve just come out of winter which for me in Melbourne is freezing and because of that many of us want to carb load which is a natural biological effect of winter.

Why detox in the new year?

It’s great to do a detox in the new year. If you missed the spring detox this could be your chance to do a full and complete detox and be done (and look your best) by valentines day. The silly season does a lot of negative to your gut health and liver function so this is an essential moment to look after those really important organs that can have HUGE side effects if you don’t care for them. The two organs I’m mostly concerned with are the gut and the liver. Click here for info on the liver and on the gut or gastrointestinal system in general, bloating and the microbiome how hugely impactful they can be on your health. 

What are the benefits in having a dietary cleanse?

  • Weight loss

  • Mood regulation

  • Hay fever reduction 

  • Increased energy 

  • Maintenance and repair

  • Pain reduction

  • Improved liver function

  • Improved gastrointestinal health

Winter is when you naturally want to eat energy dense foods, like starches of simple carbohydrates like sugary snacks. not to mention chocolate which actually helps to keep us warm. This is because historically during this time we would carb load to ensure we’d have enough energy stores to last out the cold weather before food became scarce. Part of that mechanism that saves many animals is the need to store energy by eating during the colder times.

The liver gets overloaded with blood sugar or glucose, it is one of it’s main jobs is to convert glucose to energy. When glucose is not needed for energy it converts this energy to fat to store for future need such as such as in times of scarce food. So giving the liver a good clean out will help to reduce glucose and help it to

  • Hay fever is a big reason to detox or cleanse your body once the winter is over. It comes back to the liver under functioning. The liver processes a chemical called HISTAMINE you’ve probably heard of it from antihistamine which is the medication you take to prevent hay fever. If the liver is overburdened with alcohol and glucose it isn’t doing it’s job in clearing excess histamine which causes inflammation.

  • PMS? detoxing your body will enable the liver to cleanse the body of excess hormones, like estrogen which when in excess can contribute to irritability. Enabling the liver to clear he excess hormones will make you less responsive to PMS symptoms.

  • Energy at the start of any detox you will feel more sluggish, especially as all of the toxins are being released out of the cells which can make your feel worse in the short term but amazing in the long run. However at the end of a cleanse you feel more energized calmer and more vibrant.

  • Maintenance giving your body a rest from all those impactful foods will allow it to maintain an easier balance leaving you to have more energy to do the things you want to do.

  • Repair- a good cleanse will help your system to repair. for example if you are including lots of healthy fats and reducing refined sugars you will help your body to repair the vascular vessels or your blood vessels which will help your heart and your energy levels

  • Pain reduction- many foods can increase inflammation, and inflammation is often the cause of our pain response. Some foods increase the acidic Ph in our body which makes it an ideal environment for inflammation to thrive. Foods that increase the alkaline Ph in our body help to produce an unfavorable environment for inflammation.   

  • Liver function– the liver does so much for us but one of its main jobs is to convert unused glucose (from high sugar, high carb foods) into fat and store it. When we have a surplus supply of glucose it impairs our livers function which could cause or exacerbate so many conditions i.e hormonal acne, migraine, diabetes, hayfever, PMS, mood swings and so much more. 


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