Winter and Cravings. Understand why we add those few kilo’s in Winter!

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May 1, 2019
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Winter and Cravings. Understand why we add those few kilo’s in Winter!

Winter and Inflammation.
Can’t understand why we add those few kilo’s in Winter!

For many of us we gain weight in winter but why and how?

Winter increases sickness general cold and flu increases our immune activity which causes inflammatory responses our immune system activates pro-inflammatory cells to fight of virus’s and bacteria. These inflammatory responses help the bodies defenses but they also cause sore muscles and it has also shown to trigger depressive moods.

The brain and inflammation

Now the tricky part comes in here when pro-inflammatory cells activate that the brain–cytokine system.

Which is the brains inflammatory pathways.
Generally the brain protects itself from inflammation, but in sickness there are pathways that can cause inflammation in the brain.


Now what does all this complicated physiology have to do with depression?

When the brains inflammatory pathways are activated it becomes the unsuspected conductor of neuronal circuits and neurotransmitters.

These are hormones that impact on mood and behaviour.
Findings report that Tryptophan levels are reduced in sick patients.

Tryptophan converts to a hormone called serotonin.
Serotonin is one of the hormone responsible for feelings of happiness and contentment.


Carbohydrate cravings and serotonin.

Simple carbohydrates like starches (pasta, potato chips, breads and pastry) or refined sugars (lollies, caramel, brittles etc…)

Carbs can make us feel good by increasing serotonin in the brain, serotonin is a neurotransmitter which when released in the brain increases feelings of contentment and happiness.

This is why we crave carbs in winter!
But as we gain winter weight we increase our inflammation which causes more depression.

There are simple ways around this


  • exercise to reduce inflammation
  • reduce proinflammatory foods
  • resting when you have a cold or flu
  • Stress down days (stress increases a whole world of inflammation) so give yourself a pass to relax when you can
  • Stop the guilt- for many of us we feel guilty when we take time out which stresses us out and really makes time out more of a chore. Instead look at as maintenance for your mental health not a chore to be done. 

If you are still struggling with depressive thoughts this winter think about a wellness package with a naturopath 



This package is for those who are not feeling right and need some help finding the cause of their complaint, so they can get back to their ideal health balance.

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Weight Loss


This Package is great for those looking to lose weight. The reason a package is so useful here is because it means commitment to the weight loss program with lots of support and dietary plans and recipe ideas you help to conceptualize so it works with you to achieve you health goals.

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