Massage Therapy

Lose yourself as our massage therapist works on your tired stressed muscles getting into a deep relaxed state that will leave you refreshed and in a positive frame of mind.

Massage therapy has been used for centuries to reduce pain and stress.

Our qualified massage therapist can provide a range of treatments from localised massage on a troubled area to a full body relaxation massage which includes the face and feet.

Magnesium spray is included to encourage a deep muscle relaxation.

More about our massage therapist - Hi I am Kerry. I am the naturopath and massage therapist. I started studying massage purely because of an anxious patient I had, they desperately needed a massage but could not bear anyone to touch them. In the years since I have noted that massage is good for more than just physical pain, it is important for mental wellbeing.

Benefits of Massage

  • Massage has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and depression, Massage also increases the flow of oxygen to the brain which improves mental cognition.
  • Massage helps weight loss by stimulating the epidermis to break down cellulite and fats.
  • Massage is also amazing for muscle recovery when weight training or cardio training it speeds up muscle healing because it encourages blood flow and oxygen to the area to help the bodies healing.
  • Giving yourself permission to have time out from your busy schedule is important and of course, once you have a rapport and trust with the therapist it is beneficial to your physical and mental wellbeing. You will feel relaxed, de-stressed and of course with reduced pain.
  • Massage boosts serotonin which increases your coping mechanisms it also takes you out of fight and flight, which has a flow on effect of improving immune function, digestion and of course mental performance.