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Your Naturopath in Wheelers Hill

Balance Naturopathy aims to have all patients achieve optimal health without reliance upon supplementation or herbal medicines. The goal of naturopathy is to attain a healthy, holistic way of living that permeates through all aspects of life. To do this, we recommend adjustments to dietary and lifestyle choices that will significantly impact health. While some supplementation of herbal medicines may be necessary, our objective is to find balance and then work towards a healthy body that’s not constrained by daily supplements.

Our Process

At Balance Naturopathy Wheelers Hill, our goal is to achieve your ideal health balance naturally. We do this by taking each of our clients through a four-step process.


We begin by completing an evaluation of all physical and emotional symptoms present, allowing us to identify specific issues.

Dietary Assessment

Our clients complete diet diaries, which will help direct the focus of the evaluation, investigation and treatment plan.


These include a mix of blood pressure, capillary return and, in some cases, iridology, nail analysis, and pathology testing.

Treatment Plan

Once we’ve completed our assessments and investigations, each patient receives an individualised treatment plan.

About Balance Naturopathy

At Balance Naturopathy, we provide natural medicine in Wheelers Hill and beyond. Created for those who have become dissatisfied with the traditional medical system, we offer natural remedies to various health problems. Getting to the root of medical issues, naturopathy helps the body heal itself instead of relying on external supplements and harsh chemical medications that aren’t always necessary. If you’re looking for a naturopathy clinic in Wheelers Hill, get in touch today to discuss your specific needs.

Choosing a Naturopath

Our naturopath clinic in Wheelers Hill is entirely transparent about the fact that naturopathy is not a regulated field. We want to encourage Australians to seek out a reputable and trustworthy practitioner.


Ask to see a naturopath’s qualification if it is not plainly on display in their office. If they do not want to show you their qualification or don’t readily display it, you should consider looking around for a naturopath who has completed training.

Association Membership

An association membership means that the naturopath in question has passed that association’s standards which are heavily regulated. We recommend looking for inclusion in associations such as ANTA, NHAA, ANPA, ATMS, AANM.

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Kerry Dean

BHS(nat), CMA

Naturopath | Massage Therapist Kerry studied at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine, completing a Bachelor of Health Science Degree. A natural empath, she has always felt that she would work in a profession that allowed her to help others. Kerry works holistically with other healthcare practitioners such as doctors and psychologists when necessary to ensure her clients are getting all of their needs adequately met. She is a fully insured Member of the Australian Natural Therapist Association (ANTA).