What is naturopathy Naturopaths use a blend of modern day science and traditional medicine. We use modern medicine, testing and investigation to understand what underlying mechanisms are occurring in your body. Naturopaths also use traditional medicines like liquid herbs, herbal teas and we assess your nutritional health for any deficiencies or excesses that may be impacting on current condition.

Naturopathy treats the cause of the underlying issue for example…. If you are not sleeping right because you are stressed instead of giving you a sleeping pill we help to manage the stress which is causing the problem and thereby treat the cause of the condition.

Naturopaths also like to empower their clients by teaching them about their condition and make their clients a big part of the treatment plan.

Please bring- To make the consultation run smoother so we have more time please bring in any pathology/blood test results you have recently within 3 months.

Medications/vitamins are great if you can bring these in or a photo of brand and type this would be really helpful so I can check interactions, adverse effects and dosage.

Diet Diary if you have had time to fill one out bringing it in will make the consultation more effective.

Consultation flow

The initial consultation is about information gathering. It’s not so much about giving you a magic pill as it is about understanding what exactly is happening in your case and how to best approach it. The first consultation goes like this

  • Filling out consent forms
  • Evaluation of diet diary
  • Information gathering - talking about what is happening for you?
  • Investigation - blood pression etc....
  • Negotiation- I want to find out the best and most sustainable approach for you often I recommend dietary changes but I want to find out how I can make that easy and doable for you.
  • I may recommend a treatment if I have it in stock, but generally I will have to order something in because everyone is an individual and often people need different treatments.
  • Report- I think this is the most valuable part of the consultation. This is like my prescription that I give to you. The reason it is in email is because we often cover many topics and I put the most relevant recommendations so we are only working on a few things at a time otherwise it can be overwhelming.
  • Further recommendations are written as goals to work on in the future. This gives you a clear understanding of what we wish to achieve in the future.

I hope this has been helpful please feel free to contact me if there are any further questions.